Wallet Friendly Tips

Travel TipsI absolutely love traveling but the one thing that stops me from doing so is my wallet and well… there is also my student loans. But don’t fret!!! If this is also a problem for you, don’t worry! I got you covered friend 🙂

1. Hotels are fancy schmancy but can break the bank
I know what you’re probably thinking, “B-b-b-but the little cute bottles of shampoo, conditioner and lotion! and there’s ROOM SERVICE!” Those are all great but when you’re the type to want to spend more on important things such as delicious food, you can definitely find other alternatives.
      a) Hostels – If you don’t mind hearing complete strangers’ snore along with brushing your teeth next to a new face every morning, then you are in luck, my friend. Hostels are a great way to save on accommodation costs as they can go from rates as low as $15/night. But the absolute awesome thing is potentially meeting people from all around the world!
RecommendedHostelworld, Hostels.com 
      b) Renting – The concept of other people renting out their entire house or a bedroom to travellers has become a pretty popular idea. I highly recommend this type of stay as it gives off a home away from home experience. The best part is that it is relatively not that expensive when you find somewhere decent and affordable. Click HERE for $30 off on your next stay!
Recommended: Airbnb
     c) Hotels – “Ummm….I thought you said no hotels?” I know, I know. But hey, sometimes people still want to pay for comfort and convenience and well…. hotels are pretty great at doing that. Hotwire takes a little explaining to do but long story short, you pick an area you want to stay at during you trip. Then, it will release prices per night for different hotels located in that area. The downside to this website is that it does not show you the hotel until you have processed through with your payment. But don’t worry, you can choose the star ratings. The couple of times that I have booked with this site, all the hotels that I stayed at were pretty great!
Recommended: Hotwire, Hotels

2. YYZ Deals will be your new best friend (Toronto ONLY regarding flight bookings. Sorry non-Torontonians!)
I found this site a couple of months ago and it is amazing. This website is run by Chris, a travel enthusiast who finds great flight deals leaving from Pearson Airport, YYZ. This website also includes great travelling related deals such as credit cards with promotional travelling perks. Warning: For flight deal posts, you must book as soon as possible because some deals will only be available for a short period of time.

3. Extra Tips

  • BOOK EARLY! Booking way in advance is usually the main way to reduce trip costs
  • Remember flying out on weekdays (especially Tuesday) is a lot cheaper compared to weekends
  • Look out for promotions -> PROMO CODES! (Google is your best friend when trying to find promo codes)
  • Use comparison websites such as Kayak and Google Flights to find the cheapest deals possible!
  • Browse around Groupon for hotel and getaway deals!

So what are your wallet-friendly tips you would like to share? Leave a tip down below!

Eat.Travel.Enjoy ♥


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