Sun and Endless Beaches ||Punta Cana

Punta Cana #2Resort Life. Something I have never experienced and was definitely looking forward to. Imagining myself laying on the beach with the sun on my face, the best thing you can do – nothing and just relax. Well…so I thought.

When we first arrived, the storm of humidity and heat hit us right in the face. Off we went to find the bus that was going to bring us to our resort. (Note: Most all-inclusive packages will have a transportation service from the airport to the resort. But remember to double-check!) Honestly, this was like finding a needle in a haystack. It was a sea of buses; different shapes and sizes parked that belonged to different companies. Most of these had a number on them but they were NOT parked in any type of order. You can imagine…two hungry and groggy ass people trying to find a bus number in the heat and humidity; I, myself was about to punch someone.
Luckily, we found our bus after a 10-15 minutes hunt. We waited for other passengers to hop on and off we went.

In most cases, these buses will carry travellers staying in different resorts which were relatively located close to each other. Unfortunately, we were the last of the stop of the journey.

Punta Cana #1

Picture of the foyer. Realized, I didn’t take any other pictures of the front besides this one…Ooops.

We stayed at the Barcelo Punta Cana Resort which was a 3.5/5 star resort.

[My Ratings]
Room: 3/5

Food: 3/5
Amenities: 3.5/5
Extra Excursions ($): 4/5
Overall: 3.5/5

One thing we were not happy from the start was the check-in process. The manager (?) was checking us in upon our arrival however simultaneously, he was also helping issues with other clients over the phone and that prolonged our process from a 20 minute check-in to an hour long. Other than that, it was an okay stay!

Punta Cana#5

The view from our room

Punta Cana#6

One of the two pools at the resort

Our whole trip was a week-long hence for the first two days we took it easy. What no better way to do that then on the beach! The beaches they had there were wonderful. What was great about this resort was non-motorized activities were included for free and motorized activities had an extra fee; all had to be booked in advanced. Unfortunately, we didn’t know about it until the last day of our stay and everything was basically booked.
Punta Cana#3

In the middle of our trip, we decided to take up some excursions. We went with Buccaneers (don’t take my word for it because I don’t remember the proper name for the excursion) and Adventure Buggies. Both of these were extremely fun and memorable!

Buccaneers was a package that included 3 different activities:
(1) Speed Boat – Have you ever dreamed of being in a boat chase scene of a Hollywood movie? Sorry to crush your dreams since you probably won’t experience to the same extent. However, you do get to drive your own speed boat! Either you get your own speed boat or you can partner up and take turns; unfortunately you’re only allowed to drive in large circles, weee~
(2) Snorkelling – For those of you who don’t know what snorkelling is, basically you’re swimming with a funky diving mask on the surface of the body of water. It was a very hands-on educational experience as the guide would free dive down to the sea floor and pick up marine creatures. We were allowed to hold them and the guide would explain to us. But one thing I have learned from this is… DAMN salt water is hella salty. I know it’s called salt water for a reason but it was much saltier than I expected. Aha lame, I know…
(3) Snuba Diving –  This was my most memorable part of the trip. I have never snuba or scuba dived in my life and I was extremely nervous yet excited. The concept of snuba is very similar to scuba diving but instead being equipped with the gear individually, you are attached to a single oxygen tank. Each guide was in charge of a small group of four and took us down to the bottom of the sea floor. He guided us around the bottom floor and showed us cool things. If you have the chance to swim with the fishy and explore the underwater world, TAKE THE OPPORTUNITY!

Punta Cana#4

The boat ride there!

The excursion took up a good half a day so I recommend not planning any other excursions on the same day as transportation might take up a bit more time. Also don’t worry! If you’re not a strong swimmer like me, they provide life jackets. But if you’re nervous and have second thoughts about it especially snuba diving, just do it as was an unforgettable experience.
Side Note: Unfortunately, I didn’t have an underwater camera so this was the only picture I have on the excursion 😦

Punta Cana#7

ADVENTURE BUGGIES was the second activity we decided to do. This also lasted around half a day. WARNING: bring a bandana or some type of mask to cover your nose and mouth area as there will be a lot of mud, dust and unknown particles flying in your face.

We were in for a pleasant surprise as it had heavily rained the night before. We drove around the local towns and streets of Punta Cana where we got to meet and see the lives of the local residents. There were a total of three pit spots: (1) Small Cocoa Factory (2) Isolated Beach (3) Cave.
The small factory was a place that produced coffee, cocoa, coconut oil, cigarettes and marijuana. It was basically like a tourist trap as they took us here to buy products. Thankfully we only spent a small amount of time here.
The beach they took us to was gorgeous and definitely incomparable to the beaches that were at our resort. We spent a good amount of time here to take pictures and look around.

IMG_3617 IMG_3618
The last leg of the trip was the cave. They allowed us to jump into the water and take a dip. My favourite part was spotting good’ol Walmart.


Let me tell you now, the battle with potholes was inevitable as we got covered in mud and other unknowns from head to toe. A tip for those that go on these types of excursions, wear clothes that are a) easily washable or b) you can throw away. Also, make sure you bring something to cover your face and a pair of sunglasses!

On the last couple of days we just relaxed and did a lot of sun tanning. To be honest, when we first got here, my friend and I were not used to the whole relaxing and do nothing concept. But we greatly appreciated it after all the excursions and fun we had. It was definitely a great vacation to have before school started once again!

What is your most memorable beach experience so far? Haven’t had one yet? Don’t fret, let me know where you would love to go for a beachy and endless sunny experience! 

Eat.Travel.Enjoy ♥


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