Thinking of Bringing That?

what-to-bring1I love going on trips (but then again, who doesn’t!) however packing is not my thing. I always question “but what if it’s too hot or cold? What if it rains?” Plus, having asian parents does not help with the packing process. I don’t know if it’s an Asian thing but my parents love to over pack and usually the rule of thumb for them is, if you think you need and you’ll have to pay for it there, bring it. (Mind you my parents brought a rice cooker for a 3 night stay at Quebec city.) Sometimes I regret not listening to my mom but most of the times I blame her for the extra 5 shirts I brought along and did not wear.

1. Make a list. If you’re a last minute packer like I am, I find creating a list is very useful. It’s always the little things that I will forget until I step out of the door. I suggest writing down what you want to bring as you think of it, that way when the time comes to pack, you can just shove everything into your suitcase. It is also a great way to double check if you have everything with you on the return back home.

2. Reuse. Recycle.  The majority of my luggage when traveling, consists of clothing and as I mentioned before when you have an asian parent, your suitcase tends to be 5x unnecessarily larger. I tend to bring as little clothing as possible so I usually pre-plan outfits that recycle the same item of clothing. Also if you know you’re going to shop for clothes then pack even less cause you can just wear your new brand items while you’re there. Or if there is a washing machine in hand, you can wash your clothes there and recycle some clothing as well.
However, I do suggest bringing extra tops if you’re going to humid and hot areas except for beach vacations as you can wear swim gear basically everywhere you go. No judgement at all.

3. Roll it, don’t fold it. I didn’t realize How much of an effect this technique had on clothing. The best part of it is that a) takes up less space hence you can fit more things and b) makes your clothes less wrinkled!

4. Samples. If you can get your hands on samples, grab em! I usually tend to bring little sample packages on my trips so that I can use them and throw them out. Also these don’t take up too much space nor weigh a lot in your suitcase.

5. Liquids/Gel Substances. Lotions,cream, etc. Substances like these are best to not be packed in original contained but to transfer them into small plastic bottles. You can usually pick these up at the local dollar store.

6. Important documents. I suggest putting all your documents into a small little pouch or small bag such that when it comes time to finding your passport, you can just easily whip it out instead of digging through a whole heap of mess.

7. Boxes are the way to go! With reduced weight allowance for luggage, boxes a low more weight friendly than most suitcases. Especially if you don’t have the money to buy one of those fancy schmancy ultra-lightweight suitcases, boxes are free!

8. Checked vs. Carry On. After experiencing traveling with my parents that consisted of full luggage capacity is not something I ever look forward to.
a) If you’re planning to bring a checked-in luggage, try to stuff everything in there. So that way you can be hands free and just carry your personal item on your journey to your gate + less hassle at the security check point.
b) Don’t need to bring as much? Don’t want to wait at the luggage carousel? Then just bring a carry on. When you don’t really want to waste time, bringing a carry on is the best choice as you can just pick up and  start heading to your destination! Plus you don’t have to play the game of “Is that your luggage?” for an hour or more with 500 other red or black luggages that look like yours. This brings me to my next point.

9. Make it stand out. If you are planning to check-in your luggage make sure put something on it to distinct it from others for example a giant sticker or bright coloured ribbons. This will definitely help ease the process of hunting for your luggage.

For those that take someone else’s luggage thinking it’s theirs but to only figure out it is NOT and doesn’t bother to put it back on the carousel. Please don’t be that asshole and make the other person waste their time waiting forever, to only find their luggage has been stranded on the other side. (Clearly bitter here) If you don’t want that to happen to you, please don’t do it to others!

What is one item you always have to bring with you on a trip?

Eat. Travel. Enjoy♥


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