The Best Soft Serve EVER! ||Toronto


I have noticed there has been a lot of new frozen yogurt shops popping up in Toronto. However, shops such as yoyo’s and yogurty’s are more known for the abundant amount of flavours that they can offer. I use to be a huge fan of flavoured frozen yogurt but many times, it has lead me to gulping water down as it left a sticky feeling in my mouth. Thus why, plain frozen yogurt is my go to now! deKERFIR is a small little shop located under the 333 Bay Street Buildling, along the PATH concourse level. (Pssst! This is the building where Suits Films at!) Their menu is simple as it only consists of smoothies, waffles, parfaits and frozen kefir. Not a lot of variety but they do it all so very well! What is kerfir? This is the exact question I asked as well. They kindly explain on their site:

 Kefir is made from milk and kefir grains (a community of yeast and bacteria that eat up the sugars in the milk and turn it into a taste fermented fairy product).

Learn more about it HERE.

Smoothie I have to say that their smoothie is different and was something I was not use to. All the ingredients are fresh and I think they blend it with their yogurt instead of their frozen kerfir? But I could be wrong. This is a great smoothie if you want something light and not over sweetening since they add honey as their sweetener.

Waffle 20140826_152850Their waffles are similar to those egg waffle cakes you find in Dragon city at Chinatown. However these are a lot more fluffy and less sweet compares to the egg waffles. This is absolutely delicious with the frozen kerfir. Highly recommended!

✪ Frozen Kerfir

20140428_150802 This is definitely what you want to order when you are here! I cannot count the amount of times my sister and I have gone especially in the summer. It’s super light and creamy and like I mentioned before, most frozen yogurts leave a sticky residue feeling in your mouth but not this one. The first topping comes included but for a dollar you can choose up to three different toppings. However, the one topping I absolutely recommend getting are the crackle bits; all the other toppings is something you’ve probably ate or seen before, nothing really special. This is definitely a great place for a summer cold snack but the only downside is that it is located in a business building hence they close early (around 6pm). If you’re in the downtown area, swing on by and bring along those lactose intolerant buddies as well 🙂

Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt? If you can’t choose, what’s your favourite dessert?

Eat. Travel. Enjoy♥


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