Tapas, Here I Come! ||Barcelona

It was our last night in Barcelona and the last thing to do on our list was tapas. There were several tapas near our hostel however we knew that wasn’t where locals would usually go. So we asked one of the locals that worked at the hostel for suggestions and he told us to hit up a street more on the west/south side of Barcelona. We’re actually not sure if we found the right street or not however we luckily hit a small street with several tapas along it.

Es Xibiu

IMG_9418After a long trek, we found this cute little tappa sitting in the middle of the street. It’s a little small tappa that has a cozy and homey feel and very cute decor. Unfortunately, we went their to late and many of their dishes were gone.


IMG_9416This place had the best sangria we’ve had so far in Barcelona + Lisbon and we have had our fair share of sangria on our trip so far; at least a minimal of three rounds a day. I’m not sure if this is how they make their sangria all the time however the owner that was their at the time added a special ingredient into the mix called vermouth. My friends and I tried hunting for this bottle but apparently he had his own supplier?

IMG_9409Ham and Jalapeno Peppers
The offered ham was serrano ham and was paired with sauteed jalapeno peppers. The peppers added a unique flavour of bitterness which toned down the saltiness of the ham. Everything paired very well especially with the bread and sangria. Note: The owner told us that the Jalapeno peppers might be spicy depending on the season!

They had different flavours of croquette but we asked for a random mix. The flavours we got were cod, mushroom and ham & cheese. It was made to perfection as it was crunchy and crisp on the outside but moist, flavourful, soft and filling filled on the inside!

We were constantly let down with octopus along our trip as it has been over cooked most of the time. This definitely was a redemption from all of that. The octopus was perfectly grilled, topped off with a spicy seasoning on the top and a basic coat of olive oil.

The food that we had here was amazing and we were sad that they didn’t have the other dishes that we wanted to try. But the whole experience was amazing especially the kind owner!

Another round of Tapas

Unfortunately, I completely forgot to take the name down of this Tappa but I believe it was along the same street. (Will be updated, once found!)

Seafood Paella
IMG_9423One dish that we kept seeing everywhere we go was paella however in the three days that we were in Barcelona, none of us had tried it. So we were determined to get a taste of it that night. Paella consists of rice on the bottom and a layer of different types of shellfish on a pan. It was really good as there was so much flavour in one dish; the different spices in the rice and the simpleness from the shellfish.

IMG_9419Squid w/ Raisins & Pine Nuts
This was one dish on the menu that caught all of our eyes. We weren’t sure what this dish had in store for us but what the heck, why not! To our surprise, it was delicious! It was squid stuffed with raisins and pine nuts that had been blended into some sort of paste and it was served with a drizzle of squid ink. It had both flavours of salty and sweet but it was definitely unique and different.

One thing I don’t recommend ordering from this restaurant is their sangria as they like to dump in a load of white sugar on the bottom. One thing that we really regretted.

Overall, our last day in Barcelona ended off on a good note with excellent food and more sangria!

Share the best Tapa dishes you’ve ever had in the comments below! 

Eat. Travel. Enjoy ♥ 


2 thoughts on “Tapas, Here I Come! ||Barcelona

  1. While not traditional to the Catalonians, there are definitely a lot of wonderful places to try delicious tapas in Barcelona! El Xampanyet in the El Born district has some nice dishes and great house cava to accompany the plates, if you can stand the crowded atmosphere.

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