Food + Alcohol – What More Could I Ask For? ||Belem, Lisbon

IMG_9311Before the trip, I did some digging around the web for things to do and eat. Just a little west of Lisbon was Belem which was well known for their Portuguese pastries especially their Portuguese egg tarts. No matter which site you were on, this pastry store would pop up. So off we headed to Belem after a early start with Cascais (Want to join in on the adventure? CLICK HERE).

1. Fabrica Dos Pasteis De Belem
IMG_9199By the time we got there, most of the pastries were sold out but luckily their egg tarts were well stocked up. Boy! Oh Boy! Do these peeps know how to make a mean egg tart. My all time favourite egg tarts were from Lillian Bakery located in Shanghai however after trying these, they have also become my favourite! Majority of the egg tarts that I have tried 20150217_065500
compromise of a soft
pastry shell but it seems me that these shells have been fried. You get the nice gooey and delicious egg custard in the middle with a crispy and crunchy outside shell. In addition, they give you icing sugar and cinnamon packets and honestly, I never knew you were suppose to eat it like that until the second round came along. Adding cinnamon on the egg tarts does give it a next level flavour and is definitely a must!

IMG_91922. Pao Pao Queijo Queijo
After a round of sweets, we started to get hungry as dinner time started to roll by. Luckily there were a couple of restaurants along the same street. This place was a couple of doors down from the pastry shop and cheap + delicious! They offered a range of various food but mostly focused on shawarma. This IMG_9188place was also excellent for good but cheap sangria. We definitely had our fair share of sangria here.

All in all it was an awesome day filled with laughs, adventure and most importantly, good food and alcohol.
Eat. Travel. Enjoy ♥


10 thoughts on “Food + Alcohol – What More Could I Ask For? ||Belem, Lisbon

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  3. It is called Pastel de Nata and I could eat one right now. I lived in Portugal for 5 years and must have eaten one nearly every day. Yes the ones in Belem were the best ones. With a galao (a milky coffee – much better than a latte from any Costa or Starbucks). You have awakened a craving in me seeing these!

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    • Ditto, I could definitely eat a whole box right now. Even though we stayed in Portugal for only 3 days, my friends and I went every night while stocking up on them!
      Aha thanks! I wasn’t sure what they were properly called but now I know!!

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