Sprung Into Spring || #1 Fruits

After yet another terrible winter in Toronto, we have “officially” reached spring but it sure does not feel like it…(how I envy you who live in warm climates year round!). So to honour spring and hope warmer weather will arrive soon, I will be uploading photos everyday for about a week, just to remind myself that awesomeness is yet to come. I hope you will join me as well!; you can either post a photo relevant to the daily theme I have or anything that reminds you of spring. Cheers!

IMG_9226 IMG_9223

Don’t miss out on the rest of the week! 🙂
✿ Nature  ✿ Cherry Blossoms  ✿ Unique Skies  ✿ Greens 


6 thoughts on “Sprung Into Spring || #1 Fruits

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