A Mountain Full of Seafood ||Barcelona

IMG_9435Honestly, entering the market was welcoming but intimidating at the same time as there were stalls after stalls; we clearly didn’t know where to start cept that our stomachs started to grumble. It was noon by the time we arrived and our first mission was to find food; it wasn’t hard as we were surrounded by food. Our first day in Barcelona, we wanted seafood and there was definitely plenty of it.

Turn to your left. Turn to your right. There were so many booths serving seafood and we had a tough time choosing but this is what we went with before our stomachs ate itself.

El Cochinillo Loco


Located on the left side on the market when you walk in from La Rambla Street entrance a.k.a the main doors

Since there were so many different types of food offered in the market, we wanted to have a plate so that we can share among the four of us (our plan was to eat and taste more later). We ended up ordering this plate of goodness which consisted of a variety to of seafood from mussels to squid to fish. This seafood was cooked into ways: fried with a coating of batter or simply grilled topped off with a simple dressing that consisted of what we thought was olive oil but turns out to be sunflower oil, parsley and a wedge of lemon. I highly suggest downsizing (ie. for the four of us we ordered the for 2 people platter), I assure you it will definitely be enough as it is a huge mountain of Seafood and will be filling. The couple beside us ordered the for two people platter and they were not even half way down by the time we were down (they got their food 20-30 mins earlier than us).

The food here was so good that we decided to end our Barcelona trip with La Cochinillo Loco. But this time we decided to specialize on specific seafood dishes.  So we ordered squid, shrimp and mussels and booooy! was it delicious as the first round.

We were in Barcelona for about 2 and a half days and everyday we would some how end up at the market. We tried another place that served seafood as well but was located on the opposite side of the market; there was a constant line that we saw every time we were at the market. Let me tell you,  it wasn’t as good as La Cochinillo Loco especially for the price. Everything about this place was more of eating with the eyes than anything else + the long lines will hook you in (well for us it did).

Want to see more of the market? CLICK HERE!

Eat. Travel. Enjoy ♥


6 thoughts on “A Mountain Full of Seafood ||Barcelona

    • It sure is! Definitely miss the abundant amount of seafood that Barcelona offers ❤

      Saw that you recently visited Barcelona as well. Did you have a favourite part from your trip? 🙂


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