Worth the wait? Uncle Tetsu ||Toronto

Uncle TetsuIf you’re ever in downtown Toronto particularly around Eaton Center, you’ve probably seen the iconic white bag with a cute little animated Ahjusshi (Korean for “middle-aged man”) printed on it as well as the constant line up forming along Bay St. When you look up, you notice a big green and red sign placed next to each other; the green shop is for their matcha cafe while the signature red is their original shop.

“What’s so special?”
Let me tell you. Uncle Tetsu is a bakery that specializes in Japanese cheesecake. The Japanese cheesecake is a much lighter flavour of cream cheese and a less dense version of the typical cheesecake you might think of; it is very comparable to a castella cake. Their menu only consists of a few items: cheesecake (of course), madeleines and soft serve (this is specifically for their Matcha line).

Reason why it takes forever and for the constant line ups?
Every cake that is bought, comes straight fresh out from the oven – three ovens that bake six(?) cakes at a time. This is part of their trademark along with each cake getting stamped with their logo on the cake.

Now, coming back to the main question, was it worth it?
When the store first opened, I’ve heard people waiting one, two and sometimes even up to three hours. Luckily, I only had to wait about 20 minutes as I went at an odd time during the weekday.
For the original flavour cheesecake, if you’re waiting less than 30 mins, why not! but anything longer than that I would probably say to you go make use of your time doing something else. Personally, the cheesecake is nothing special but it’s a try once, kind of thing. Definitely DO NOT buy the original madeleines, they are just dry and hard. What I highly recommend getting are the matcha madeleines instead;super moist and delicious + you get a choice of with or without the red bean filler inside.

Thinking of lining up for these treats?
I suggest waiting with a friend, playing some games, reading or just anything that will help you pass the time.
Weekdays and early morning is usually your best bet for short waiting periods. Another option is during the weekdays when everyone’s working/at school.

If you have tried it, let me know your thoughts on it!
Eat. Travel. Enjoy ♥


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