Well…. that Went Down the Drain Fast.


OH BOY! Can you believe it’s already February? Time is sure flying by!
Firstly, I want to thank those who are are still checking in even though I have been doing a crap job of posting lately. I’m not exactly a new year resolutions kind of gal but with the new year, I wanted to better myself especially with this blog. I was hoping to get into the habitat of posting regularly and just explore the blogging world. Clearly, not working out as planned.

Unfortunately, with the extra amount of courses I am taking this semester + work, I am just smothered in a pile of responsibilities (booo, being an adult sucks…) thus the reason for my disappearance. Although I am sad that I can’t post as often as I want to, it gives me time to think of ideas and develop quality posts even if it takes some time! Hope all of you are doing well. Till next time!!

Side Note: How’s 2016 treating you so far? 🙂


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