A Mountain Full of Seafood ||Barcelona

IMG_9435Honestly, entering the market was welcoming but intimidating at the same time as there were stalls after stalls; we clearly didn’t know where to start cept that our stomachs started to grumble. It was noon by the time we arrived and our first mission was to find food; it wasn’t hard as we were surrounded by food. Our first day in Barcelona, we wanted seafood and there was definitely plenty of it.

Turn to your left. Turn to your right. There were so many booths serving seafood and we had a tough time choosing but this is what we went with before our stomachs ate itself. Continue reading


Food + Alcohol – What More Could I Ask For? ||Belem, Lisbon

IMG_9311Before the trip, I did some digging around the web for things to do and eat. Just a little west of Lisbon was Belem which was well known for their Portuguese pastries especially their Portuguese egg tarts. No matter which site you were on, this pastry store would pop up. So off we headed to Belem after a early start with Cascais (Want to join in on the adventure? CLICK HERE).

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Tapas, Here I Come! ||Barcelona

It was our last night in Barcelona and the last thing to do on our list was tapas. There were several tapas near our hostel however we knew that wasn’t where locals would usually go. So we asked one of the locals that worked at the hostel for suggestions and he told us to hit up a street more on the west/south side of Barcelona. We’re actually not sure if we found the right street or not however we luckily hit a small street with several tapas along it.

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