Worth the wait? Uncle Tetsu ||Toronto

Uncle TetsuIf you’re ever in downtown Toronto particularly around Eaton Center, you’ve probably seen the iconic white bag with a cute little animated Ahjusshi (Korean for “middle-aged man”) printed on it as well as the constant line up forming along Bay St. When you look up, you notice a big green and red sign placed next to each other; the green shop is for their matcha cafe while the signature red is their original shop.

“What’s so special?”
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The Best Soft Serve EVER! ||Toronto


I have noticed there has been a lot of new frozen yogurt shops popping up in Toronto. However, shops such as yoyo’s and yogurty’s are more known for the abundant amount of flavours that they can offer. I use to be a huge fan of flavoured frozen yogurt but many times, it has lead me to gulping water down as it left a sticky feeling in my mouth. Thus why, plain frozen yogurt is my go to now! deKERFIR is a small little shop located under the 333 Bay Street Buildling, along the PATH concourse level. (Pssst! This is the building where Suits Films at!) Their menu is simple as it only consists of smoothies, waffles, parfaits and frozen kefir. Not a lot of variety but they do it all so very well! What is kerfir? This is the exact question I asked as well. They kindly explain on their site:

 Kefir is made from milk and kefir grains (a community of yeast and bacteria that eat up the sugars in the milk and turn it into a taste fermented fairy product).

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