A Foodie’s Heaven ||Barcelona

IMG_9200Is there a market number one in your heart? That no matter how many times you go to it, it still excites you and makes you tingly inside! According to National Geographic and other various sources (clearly did my in depth research here), the St. Lawrence Market in Toronto is listed as the best market in the world. I have been raised in Toronto for all my life and a part of me is proud that we have achieved such a title. But after experiencing this incredible place, the other side of me asks, why? I have to admit, St. Lawrence Market offers a wide range of products and is a pretty awesome place to visit in Toronto but holding the number one title is a bit too much in my book (still love you though St. Lawrence market♥).

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The Alluring Coastline ||Lisbon

I recently went on a trip to Lisbon, Portugal with my sister and two other friends during reading week. For all of us, this was our first time in Europe and we were ecstatic to step into this untouched world. Unfortunately, our first impression on Europe was not so great as we arrived on a Sunday morning and to our surprise, nothing was opened…. So on the first day, we took it easy and wandered the streets, getting lost in the city. I definitely suggest bringing a good pair of shoes as there is going to be a lot of walking and the evil of all evils, uphills. AIRBNB – Alfama Charming Apartments (Tiles)IMG_8843 This little neato place was located in the Alfama District, which is known to be the oldest district in Lisbon. I definitely would recommend staying here as everything was conveniently accessible and the host provided us with great hospitality.

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