A Mountain Full of Seafood ||Barcelona

IMG_9435Honestly, entering the market was welcoming but intimidating at the same time as there were stalls after stalls; we clearly didn’t know where to start cept that our stomachs started to grumble. It was noon by the time we arrived and our first mission was to find food; it wasn’t hard as we were surrounded by food. Our first day in Barcelona, we wanted seafood and there was definitely plenty of it.

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Food + Alcohol – What More Could I Ask For? ||Belem, Lisbon

IMG_9311Before the trip, I did some digging around the web for things to do and eat. Just a little west of Lisbon was Belem which was well known for their Portuguese pastries especially their Portuguese egg tarts. No matter which site you were on, this pastry store would pop up. So off we headed to Belem after a early start with Cascais (Want to join in on the adventure? CLICK HERE).

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Tapas, Here I Come! ||Barcelona

It was our last night in Barcelona and the last thing to do on our list was tapas. There were several tapas near our hostel however we knew that wasn’t where locals would usually go. So we asked one of the locals that worked at the hostel for suggestions and he told us to hit up a street more on the west/south side of Barcelona. We’re actually not sure if we found the right street or not however we luckily hit a small street with several tapas along it.

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The Best Soft Serve EVER! ||Toronto


I have noticed there has been a lot of new frozen yogurt shops popping up in Toronto. However, shops such as yoyo’s and yogurty’s are more known for the abundant amount of flavours that they can offer. I use to be a huge fan of flavoured frozen yogurt but many times, it has lead me to gulping water down as it left a sticky feeling in my mouth. Thus why, plain frozen yogurt is my go to now! deKERFIR is a small little shop located under the 333 Bay Street Buildling, along the PATH concourse level. (Pssst! This is the building where Suits Films at!) Their menu is simple as it only consists of smoothies, waffles, parfaits and frozen kefir. Not a lot of variety but they do it all so very well! What is kerfir? This is the exact question I asked as well. They kindly explain on their site:

 Kefir is made from milk and kefir grains (a community of yeast and bacteria that eat up the sugars in the milk and turn it into a taste fermented fairy product).

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These Are Mighty Fine Blueberry Pancakes ||New York City

Clinton Street Baking Co. & Restaurant


Is breakfast/brunch your favourite meal of the day? Well next time you plan to visit New York City, set aside some time to try this awesome restaurant! This restaurant was introduced to us by a local friend who lived in New York for quite some time and is a huge foodie, so you definitely will not regret!!!

If you plan on going, I highly suggest going there early as there seems to be some sort of line forming most of the time. Even around 10am, the time that we went, we waited around an hour until we got seats.

French Toast

IMG_7493For me, french toast is french toast. However this was very delicious! Caramelized bananas and roasted pecans were piled up on a piece of toast which was also served with a side of their magic sauce, maple butter.

Eggs Benedict
I’m not a huge fan of eggs benedict in the first place, IMG_7496
so I think my opinion here would not be very helpful. However, my sister and the group of friends that I went on this trip with said this was one of their favourite dishes. Over the toasted buttermilk biscuits are poached eggs, maple cured ham and served with a classic hollandaise sauce.

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