Sun and Endless Beaches ||Punta Cana

Punta Cana #2Resort Life. Something I have never experienced and was definitely looking forward to. Imagining myself laying on the beach with the sun on my face, the best thing you can do – nothing and just relax. Well…so I thought.

When we first arrived, the storm of humidity and heat hit us right in the face. Off we went to find the bus that was going to bring us to our resort. (Note: Most all-inclusive packages will have a transportation service from the airport to the resort. But remember to double-check!) Honestly, this was like finding a needle in a haystack. It was a sea of buses; different shapes and sizes parked that belonged to different companies. Most of these had a number on them but they were NOT parked in any type of order. You can imagine…two hungry and groggy ass people trying to find a bus number in the heat and humidity; I, myself was about to punch someone.
Luckily, we found our bus after a 10-15 minutes hunt. We waited for other passengers to hop on and off we went.

In most cases, these buses will carry travellers staying in different resorts which were relatively located close to each other. Unfortunately, we were the last of the stop of the journey.

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