Be aware of “Tanim Balam” Scheme at MNL Airport

So I was rummaging through some articles and I recently stumbled upon this,  “Philippines Airport Bullet-In-Bag Scam Hits Travelers”

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Found Out the Hard Way – Taxi Scam, Tipping & More! ||Lisbon, Barcelona

IMG_8831It’s been awhile since I posted due to school. Oh the bundles of joy of exam month…… But I think this will be useful to some of you as this would have been extremely nice to know for myself!

If you have been following me recently, you probably already know by now that I recently went a week trip to Lisbon and Barcelona. If you haven’t, don’t fret! You can read them about it here: FoodAdventuresMarket

As I have probably mentioned before, this was my first time in Europe hence it was a very foreign place to me. After being a first timer in Europe, we learned some important things and I hope these would be of help to you first timers as well 🙂 Continue reading

Thinking of Bringing That?

what-to-bring1I love going on trips (but then again, who doesn’t!) however packing is not my thing. I always question “but what if it’s too hot or cold? What if it rains?” Plus, having asian parents does not help with the packing process. I don’t know if it’s an Asian thing but my parents love to over pack and usually the rule of thumb for them is, if you think you need and you’ll have to pay for it there, bring it. (Mind you my parents brought a rice cooker for a 3 night stay at Quebec city.) Sometimes I regret not listening to my mom but most of the times I blame her for the extra 5 shirts I brought along and did not wear.

1. Make a list. If you’re a last minute packer like I am, I find creating a list is very useful. It’s always the little things that I will forget until I step out of the door. I suggest writing down what you want to bring as you think of it, that way when the time comes to pack, you can just shove everything into your suitcase. It is also a great way to double check if you have everything with you on the return back home.

2. Reuse. Recycle.  The majority of my luggage when traveling, consists of clothing and as I mentioned before when you have an asian parent, your suitcase tends to be 5x unnecessarily larger. I tend to bring as little clothing as possible so I usually pre-plan outfits that recycle the same item of clothing. Also if you know you’re going to shop for clothes then pack even less cause you can just wear your new brand items while you’re there. Or if there is a washing machine in hand, you can wash your clothes there and recycle some clothing as well.
However, I do suggest bringing extra tops if you’re going to humid and hot areas except for beach vacations as you can wear swim gear basically everywhere you go. No judgement at all.

3. Roll it, don’t fold it. I didn’t realize How much of an effect this technique had on clothing. The best part of it is that a) takes up less space hence you can fit more things and b) makes your clothes less wrinkled!
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