Be aware of “Tanim Balam” Scheme at MNL Airport

So I was rummaging through some articles and I recently stumbled upon this,  “Philippines Airport Bullet-In-Bag Scam Hits Travelers”

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The Daily Post: Weekly Photo Challenge ||Ornate

Weekly Photo Challenge: Ornate

I’m super excited for this week’s photo challenge!
From large buildings to the smallest organism, this week’s theme can be found everywhere by the eye. Enjoy!
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Worth the wait? Uncle Tetsu ||Toronto

Uncle TetsuIf you’re ever in downtown Toronto particularly around Eaton Center, you’ve probably seen the iconic white bag with a cute little animated Ahjusshi (Korean for “middle-aged man”) printed on it as well as the constant line up forming along Bay St. When you look up, you notice a big green and red sign placed next to each other; the green shop is for their matcha cafe while the signature red is their original shop.

“What’s so special?”
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Found Out the Hard Way – Taxi Scam, Tipping & More! ||Lisbon, Barcelona

IMG_8831It’s been awhile since I posted due to school. Oh the bundles of joy of exam month…… But I think this will be useful to some of you as this would have been extremely nice to know for myself!

If you have been following me recently, you probably already know by now that I recently went a week trip to Lisbon and Barcelona. If you haven’t, don’t fret! You can read them about it here: FoodAdventuresMarket

As I have probably mentioned before, this was my first time in Europe hence it was a very foreign place to me. After being a first timer in Europe, we learned some important things and I hope these would be of help to you first timers as well 🙂 Continue reading

A Mountain Full of Seafood ||Barcelona

IMG_9435Honestly, entering the market was welcoming but intimidating at the same time as there were stalls after stalls; we clearly didn’t know where to start cept that our stomachs started to grumble. It was noon by the time we arrived and our first mission was to find food; it wasn’t hard as we were surrounded by food. Our first day in Barcelona, we wanted seafood and there was definitely plenty of it.

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