There IS a Difference.

This post is going to be a little out of the norm compared to what I usually post but I felt that I needed to get this off my chest so please pardon me.

With the recent unfortunate events that happened in Paris, the world has been showing great love and support. However, simultaneously there has been a bunch of ignorant assholes out there (excuse the language) that has been harassing innocent people because of what happened.

For the past week, articles after articles that I have been reading were on the lines of people getting harassed and abused in public because they were Muslim. In Toronto, there has been reported a mosque getting lit on fire, Muslims getting assaulted on transit or a mother trying to pick up her kids but end up getting attacked and injured instead. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were more occurrences like these that happened.

In all honestly, as much as I’d like to believe every single person out there are kind and genuine, I slightly expected these types of situations to occur even though I didn’t want to believe that. For those people who don’t think before carrying out these type of actions, please. JUST PLEASE understand the difference between those who were involved in the Paris attack versus innocent bystanders. Yes, they may look the same on the outside but they’re different. I understand it might be fear that is setting in to cause these acts, but there’s no real justification so please think before you act.
Behind all of it, they’re just skin and bone like you and me. These people don’t deserve to be treated like monsters for what the real monsters have done. Because of these actions, these actions that may scar someone’s life forever, cannot be taken back. Everyone has one life and no one should live in fear every single day.

Love and support each other because we absolutely don’t need any more hate in this world.